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The PlutusX Cryptobank will facilitate transactions internally and externally on the PlutusX platform. You will be able to take loans, use the PlutusX credit card for purchases, and manage your banking accounts. Your investment account is linked to our wealth management services which will allow you to invest in the PlutusX open fund.


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Banking Features

Chequing Accounts

We will automatically create a chequing account for you. This account is your primary account and is used just like your traditional chequing account: send or receive money, withdraw or deposit and, spend your money.

Saving Accounts

When opening a chequing account, a savings accounts is simultaneously created and used as a cold storage wallet to ensure maximum security.

Investment Accounts

Your investment account ties into our Wealth Management services. We offer an algorithmic program that will execute trades on your behalf. We make sure that each account is parcelled separately and will be documented well.

Smart Loans

We offer a fast loaning process without a middleman and without interest rates being determined/regulated  by the government. Anyone can get a loan. No credit check required.

Credit Cards

You can apply for a credit card based on your monthly volume. Our credit card will allow you to spend money from your chequing account and earn rewards.


Use our services & products to get rewards, which you can spend, or convert into other cryptocurrencies.

Deposits & Withdrawals

You can conveniently deposit money into the our ecosystem using existing tokens, or you can upload fiat that converts into Bitcoin. The same applies when you want to withdraw money from the platform.

KYC & Identity Verifications

When starting the onboarding process, you will go through a KYC verification. The KYC includes an identity verification protocol which uses the blockchain and other traditional tools to verify your identity.


Do you have any questions about our banking services? You can find more info in our help center.

Our Banking Pillars

There are a lot of variables that come into play when building a bank. We have identified the top four pillars which are needed to build a stable and successful banking system. Our entire focus will be built around these four key elements of success to ensure PlutusX is on the right track to meet our customer’s needs.

  • Regulation

    Making sure PlutusX abides within the banking and securities regulations is its key priority. PlutusX will be working with strategic partnerships to obtain banking licenses, become fully compliant and to make sure to operate within regulations of the operating jurisdiction.

  • Technology

    Every bank has technology and most of them will tell you that they have the best forward-thinking technology available on the market. One of the most popular technologies in the current banking system is called SWIFT and it has become very inefficient over the years. It does not meet the needs of today’s banking problems. Blockchain and new decentralized tools used in the PlutusX financial ecosystem will bring a whole new experience in both front-end and back-end for PlutusX customers, and internally for the PlutusX team.

  • Community

    Community banks are not something new or disruptive, but it is found to be one of the best banking environments. Customers love having an input into decisions and seeing something built that they truly love to use based on their feedback and votes. PlutusX will be implementing a voting system built on blockchain technology that will help the team collect feedback, vote on decisions and help shape the PlutusX platform into a product that their community looks forward to using on a day to day basis.

  • Capital

    In most cases, banks need $12-20M in capital to open a bank in the existing traditional financial system. A lot of banks nowadays reach out to the community to raise such funds. Capital is needed in order for the bank to grow at a healthy pace, get up to speed with regulations and making sure the financial risk in economic turns is minimal.

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