November Company Update

New Corporate Website, MVP Launch, MAM & Partnerships

The end of year is slowly approaching, but team PlutusX is not slowing down. We launched our new corporate website as well as the MVP, opened MAM for our clients and, as always, worked on new partnerships. Read our company update below and find out what we were up to last month!

MVP – Demo

The Minimum Viable Product (“MVP”) is a tool used to get a concept of an application out with the minimum functionality needed. The purpose of the demo is not to showcase our apps potential functionality rather while we build out the backend infrastructure the user can give us critical feedback. Giving live demonstrations provide great benefits at the beginning for the following:

  1. We are sure that our user will actually see and try our minimum viable product.
  2. We can discuss in details the clients’ problems and see how we can solve these pain points with our product.
  3. Allow us to validate market solution for the product.
  4. Gather user feedback and user intelligence to create testing environments.
  5. Lastly, help us refine our final product to tailor to our clients’ needs and expectations.


This demo allowed us to participate in a larger demographic range for feedback. Where we would otherwise be constrained by friends and family who typically tend to be less critical, we can showcase our demo to unknown and anonymous individuals to get more critical and useful feedback. Ultimately, our goal is to have 100% customer satisfaction, provide an amazing user experience while simultaneously leaving a “WOW” impression.

To view our demo please sign up here.

Next on the to-do list for the following iteration:

  1. Replace dummy user data with names
  2. Add the Exchange viewport
  3. Modify UI
  4. Add Crypto wallet functionality

Corporate Site

We have fully redesigned our website to match our vision and give us a more professional look. Our website is designed to educate our target audience about our products and services while driving them into the MVP. As you can see, we also started publishing all of our articles on this website instead of Medium so we can retain visitors and increase our conversions.

Our old website was more focused on the launch of our vision and token economics. While it was good for that purpose, it lacked a focus on our product.

Here’s what you can do on our new website:

  • Learn about our products and services
  • Explore our MVP
  • Read our company updates & other materials
  • Read about our vision


Otherwise known as a Multi-Account Manager. This software is liberating for non-accredited investors while allowing managers to easily allocate P/L across clients accounts. MAM is rather tantalizing as the accounts are segregated and the broker holds custody. This adds supplementary security for the client as money is more easily tracked inside a money pool. Additionally, the segregated accounts provide confidence to clients knowing that only they have access to their account and only they can authorize withdrawals.


Check out this video to better understand how MAM works.

We decided to open up a MAM for clients to take advantage of our “Expert Advisor” automation while we continue to build out the Version 1 of our application.

We strongly recommend you to consult your financial advisor before participating in our MAM services. Our services have already yielded a profit factor greater than 20.5. But we must disclose that previous results are NOT indicative of future returns.

To apply for our MAM services please click here.

Banking License Efforts

We are in discussion with a potential partner which will allow us to obtain our domestic and international banking license earlier than envisioned. The banking license will allow us to work around the need of obtaining third-party vendors which make the user experience less fluid and tailored. Acquiring the license would alter the expected release dates of various service such as credit/debit cards, loans origination, cold storage, hot storage, savings accounts and checking accounts, for both crypto and fiat. More about this as it develops. Regardless of the outcome concerning the potential partner, we still aim to obtain our banking license and the current timeline will resume.

If you are a potential partner or would like to assist us in this venture please email us here: [email protected] regarding the matter.


Uberstate is an investment company that issued its security token backed by real estate. The future timeline for Uberstate and their RIT token aligns parallel with PlutusX. We believe that there could be an exchange of mutual interests if both companies were to partner up in the blockchain space. They believe a fully tokenized financial ecosystem strengthen our initiatives in the banking platform as well. We will write a full article dedicated to this partnership in the coming weeks.

To stay up to date on our progress, send us feedback or suggestions, join our community chat here.


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