September Company Update

New Executives, TED Talks, Investor Meetings, & More

In September we added 3 new members to our team, progressed further with Start Engine, arranged meetings with investors and, as always, worked on our new partnerships. Read our company update below and find out what we were up to last month!

New Team Members

We added 3 new team members to our team — Dr. Michael Arner as CTO, Larry Cameron as CISO, and Donald Fiander as CPO. Here is more about our new colleagues:


CTO — Dr. Michael Arner

Michael was the co-founder and CTO of ROAM Data (now Ingenico Mobile Solutions), a leading mCommerce platform provider, which grew from zero to a $26M annualized run rate before being majority-sold for $120M to Ingenico. He was also the CTO and Co-founder Cortex which was recently purchased for an exchange of stock by in February 2018. A longtime inter-disciplinarian, Michael received his B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

CPO — Donald Fiander

A materials engineer by trade, Donnie has spent the past 18 years in technology centered Project Management roles, specializing more recently in data analytics, visualization, governance and bringing a data-driven approach to organizations.

Donnie is keeping current in the technology and analytics space by supporting blockchain projects across the globe.

CISO — Larry Cameron

Larry is an experienced Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Technology Officer with a demonstrated history working in the information technology industry. Skilled in Data Centers, Systems Architecture, Management, Support and CyberSecurity.

Start Engine

Like we announced in our last update, we found a solution for non-accredited investors to participate in this phase. In September, we again had to overcome some legal obstacles and do some additional profile optimization. We are still in the process of getting the final approval from Start Engine so that we can start accepting investments through the platform, but hopefully we will be live in October. However, this process has delayed us significantly. We may end our current round of funding and wait for the official public offering before accepting non-accredited investors. We have a meeting this week with a point of contact with their compliance department and our legal team to hopefully remedy the problems presented by their platform.

Investor meeting in Milan

We set up a potential investor meeting in Milan for the second half of October. Our Angel our CEO will fly out to meet an interested party to purchase our tokens. The deal has conducted and completed the Due Diligence process. The trip should result in a definitive answer and a fiscal contribution.

Invitation to Summit conference in Turkey

We got invited to the summit conference through our Newest partner (TBA), which will be held in October in Turkey. After the meeting in Milan, Angel and Thea will try to make arrangements to fly out to Turkey where the conference will be held. Otherwise, the team will present via video conference. The significance of the conference meeting does not lie in potential fiscal contributors, exclusively. Rather, the opportunity to win a spot to travel in Singapore/Malaysia to do a Blockchain roadshow. Updates on this development can be found in our Twitter.

TED Talk

On September 29th, our CEO Angel Mondragon participated on TED Talk and spoke on the topic “How Blockchain is revolutionizing and revitalizing stagnant industries.” The video should be edited and uploaded on the TED platform mid-to-late October. Follow our Twitter so that you don’t miss the video announcement.

Business School of Management

As the interest for crypto increases, we were approached by a graduate student who is doing a research study on crypto and blockchain in business. The meeting with the graduate candidate and their professor is set for the the 5th of October, and we expect some great news after it, which will be included in our next update! The opportunity has been created by our CIO Joshua Espinosa. This meeting is rather important as both universities in Albuquerque are interested in establishing a crypto center. Having an educational institution such as a University as our partner would be a tremendous boost to our credibility, especially during the potential development of the crypto-center.

Trading Bot Turned Script

Our CEO Angel has made accessing the trading bot’s code more practical for non-developers. Users can easily add the script to your BTCUSD or their GBPUSD charts. Once the script has been applied follow the rules in the description for trading and/or follow the signals on the chart when displayed.

GBP/USD — “PlutusX Breakout” Indicator
BTC/USD Results — “PlutusX EMA” Strategy

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