April Company Update

MAM, Shift of Focus & Shell Update

It is said that if there is no struggle, there is no progress. We can definitely say that this was an intense month for our MAM, but we handled it and made a few steps forward. To get the full insight into what we were up to in April, read the update below!


MAM Trials and Tribulations

The MAM update will be produced in greater detail in our April MAM Update, which can be read here.


Transient Shift of Focus

Since the majority of our efforts are being halted by legal processes, we have made the executive decision to further grow, develop, and nurture our existing service. The MAM has been thriving and clients are seemingly happy. However, we do not settle for baseline efforts and outcomes. Therefore, we have been tasked with searching for qualified quantitative analysts who will assist us in synthesizing fund data with the objective to lower members exposure to risk while concurrently enhancing the strategy to produce more profits (if possible). After listening to our members, we have noticed that most would prefer to sacrifice nominal profits to limit our exposure to risk.


Shell Update

The financials for the public shell have been cleaned up and ready for submission. The shell is now completely clean. We are simply waiting for one more attorney opinion letter before we submit to the OTC.

The OTC approval process can take between 4 – 6 weeks on average depending on the number of comments that are given with each submission. In rare circumstances, the time frame can be greatly extended past the 6-week marker.

Once approved, the commencement of our already planned 12-week PR campaign will initiate. We already have several hedge funds and one VC firm showing intense enthusiasm to participate in an A-Round of funding.

This will allow us to flesh out the bugs in our app so that we can start providing our superior wallet services. We may also have an opportunity to allow members to purchase crypto using our wallet to store or send directly to the MAM services as our exchange gets built.



We are building PlutusX with you, the members, in mind. We embrace and encourage feedback or suggestions. Please email us here or find us in our community chat.


(Please do NOT make assumptions about this ticker but simply do your own due diligence and use the information that’s available)



To stay up-to-date with our progress, and to send us feedback or suggestions, join our community chat here.

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