August Company Update

Banking License, Technology Partner Reveal & A Lot More

Business is always a rollercoaster. No matter the fact that we were down last month, we are making our ways uphill. Read our company update below and find out what we were up to in August!

Banking License

We are meeting with a bank CEO and several board members to continue our discussions about partnering to gain a banking license as their charter. This will allow us to drastically cut relevant legal expenses associated with starting and launching a bank charter. 

The meeting will take place early September. The new technology partners (SEE BELOW) will be assisting the team during the meeting.

Technology Partner Reveal

We are happy to officially announce our technology partner that was discussed in early 2019 – Devvio. Devvio’s protocol has demonstrated impressive capabilities that dwarfs their crypto-counterparts. With a formidable 8 million transactions per second benchmark, the tier-structured protocol does an excellent job at scaling. 

Their Round Robin IP technology has solved crypto’s main problems with fraud, theft, and loss. Users can also opt-out of the Devv Protect if they desire. This is merely additional safety measure accessible by our members to better secure their transactions and assets. 

To get more information on the problems with crypto read the following article: Why Blockchain is Not Safe (And How We Will Solve It).

New Pitch Deck

As we prep for the next major meeting, we have updated the Light Paper (Pitch Deck) to better reflect our current objectives. 

To view the deck click here


We made some major changes to the MAM Team over the last couple of days. In an effort to preserve the MAM and continue its prosperous growth radical changes were necessary. We reluctantly let one of our family members go in exchange for 5 new analysts including a head trader.

The primary objective of the new team is to have risk managed 24/7 while creating, perfecting, and sustaining consistent growth while concurrently mitigate our risk exposure. 

To get a more detailed update about our MAM and the changes happening, please click the following link

Knowledge Base

To improve your experience with us, we are excited to announce our official knowledge base. Since its inception, one of PlutusX’s main pillars was to always be there for our clients. Every question you ask helps us better understand what is most important for you. 

While brand new, we hope that our knowledge base will grow to give answers to many of your most urgent questions. Our knowledge base is detailed and broken down into topics to ease your browsing experience. There is also a quick search option to simplify browsing even further.

So far, we have done our best to punch in all the questions and answers that we have seen come up often, with easy-to-use solutions and explanations. These Q&A always have room for improvement so please don’t hesitate to reach out in the community chat for any suggestions!

You can view our knowledge base by clicking here, or by visiting our new menu item called “Learn” which will redirect you to our knowledge base.


We are building PlutusX with you, the members, in mind. We embrace and encourage feedback or suggestions. Please email us here or find us in our community chat.

(Please do NOT make assumptions about our unannounced ticker but simply do your own due diligence and use the information that’s available)


To stay up-to-date with our progress, and to send us feedback or suggestions, join our community chat here.

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