February Company Update

Going Public, 100 Days in the MAM, New Partnerships

We are on a roll! And it is just the end of the second month this year. Check out what we were up to in February!

Going Public

In January, we were acquired by a public entity.

(Please do NOT make assumptions about the ticker but simply do your own due diligence and use the information that’s available)

This was a year-long process that is finally in its final stage. We are going through the shell thoroughly before submitting a name and ticker change. We will NOT announce the shell in question until necessary changes are made as the distribution of the name before the finalization, because it could cause unhealthy speculation and we would not benefit fully from utilizing proper announcement mechanisms.

The purpose of the acquisition will allow us to offer liquidation to investors, while simultaneously allowing non-accredited investors to more easily participate in additional cap raises, as needed.

Additionally, the ability to use shares as a form of currency makes B2B partnerships more effortless.

This is a major reason why we have kept our powder dry and omitted from going in greater details when announcing institutional partners and even names of other business partnerships. We have roughly 12 weeks of proper IR/PR announcements lined up with an effort to disseminate the information while simultaneously raising the market cap of our company when the name/ticker change is completed. The suggested time frame is roughly 45 days and then the market needs to approve of us so that the market can reflect the changes. Our intention is to up-list as soon as possible to a bigger market, and eventually, go into NASDAQ.


New Technology Partner & Update

As stated in our previous article (Why Blockchain is not Safe), we mentioned the current problems that blockchain faces with and how we intend to solve them. Our new B2B technology partner is licensing their proprietary protocol to us to help remedy those vulnerabilities. A more detailed article including the name of the company will be announced when the name change is completed.

Similarly, we have an LOI from another technology partner that will allow us to add an additional service to our platform. The service will be primarily targeted towards millennials and collegiate demographic, however, it has vast application across demographics. The technology partnership will also result in a percentage of ownership.

Lastly, as of writing, we are negotiating another LOI with a design firm to help modify and further establish our platform. We have a team of highly professional engineers to help manifest the UI/UX concept. The design firm does an amazing job at everything when it comes to user experience and user interfaces.

We have chosen this design firm specifically because theirs and our goals align which is to change the way banking is perceived.

100 Days in the MAM

A more thorough version of this update can be found here. However, the current status of our fund, as of writing, is past the 110% ROI, or return of investment, threshold.

12 Weeks of PR/IR & other marketing

We briefly covered the IR/PR campaign in the previous section, however, we would like to go into greater detail on our marketing campaign once we are live. We have already been approved by a PR firm and we are currently scouting several IR firms to distribute the PRs once released. You have also, most likely, seen our ads following you around the web. This is for the effort to bring people back to our site and have them convert. Thus far, it has been running successfully and is profitable.

Disclaimer: PlutusX does not provide financial advice and investors are encouraged to consult their personal financial advisors.

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of money you invest, and past performance does not guarantee future performance. Historical returns, expected returns, and probability projections are provided for informational and illustrative purposes, and may not reflect actual future performance.

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