January Company Update

MAM Update, Marketing, and Partnerships

If the year can be known by the first month, then we are definitely looking forward to the next 11 months. As the year has started in its full pace, we embraced all the new challenges on our way. Check out what we were up to last month in the first company update of the year 2019!


Our MAM (Multi-Account Manager) will close its first 8 weeks of activity in a few days. We are satisfied with the results so far, and the number of clients who gave us their trust from the start. We can also proudly announce that we are now above $30,000 under active management. At this rate, we should break the 6-figure mark in the next 30-60 days.

If you want to read our January MAM Update, click here.


Over the last couple of months, we have tried to run Facebook Ads to our warm audience but Facebook kept blocking our requests because they weren’t allowing cryptocurrency companies. We are now over that hurdle and started running some low-profile ads to start testing the waters. The objective with these ads is to test different creatives between copy, images etc.

As we start getting our clearance from a few parties we will begin a more full-fledged marketing campaign. This will include continued press releases that we are accruing on the back-end, privately.


We have closed two partnerships, and currently working on the third one. The LOIs were signed and we already have dedicated articles for those two. We are waiting for an opportune time to cross-promote both partnerships.


Regarding the 3rd partnership currently in production: we have already spoken with the CEO of this technology company several times regarding potential synergies and avenues for us to move forward in. Our CTO Dr. M. Arner and Angel met with their CEO, January 30th, to vet their technology. We came to the conclusion that their Intellectual Property (“IP”) is something that would benefit PlutusX tremendously.

Once PlutusX continues to run positive cash flow, and the MAM continues to grow, we will continue to place the majority of our efforts back into our MVP. We have several items that we intend to release this quarter or early quarter 2, including but not limited to:

  • Smart Wallet with anti-theft, fraud, and loss protection. This item is revolutionary in the blockchain space. Nothing like this currently exists. If a hacker was to steal your private key and transfer funds you would have rendered a complete loss, until now.
  • Smart Card which allows participants to pull together money and create a new credit card for a one-time or multiple time use. This technology is particularly appealing for the collegiate demographic as they can now place rent, dinner, utilities, travel and more on a credit card for security and convenience. It is also convenient for family or household members who are looking to share a credit card.
  • Integration with our new technology partner. This item deserves an article alone. We will create and release one regarding their technology soon. For now, we can say that it is a new consensus protocol that tackles scaling problems, and the same theft, loss and fraud problems conventional blockchain till now has struggled with. We decided to make this move since the company is domestic and we have great connections with the team to tailor the technology to our clients’ needs while simultaneously being capable of debugging. Once again, we will write an article dedicated to this blockchain integration as soon as the partnership and development progress forward.  

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