March Company Update

Six Figures in the MAM & Shell Update

Aaand it’s official – we hit a huge milestone in the MAM! We are finally over the six-figure mark, but that is just the beginning. This may be a small step for the rest of the world, but it is a big step for PlutusX. Have a look at what we were up to in March!

This month’s update is not fully loaded as the other ones but we are making progress. Our biggest holdback has been the shell and our biggest focus has been the MAM.

Shell Update

In February, we announced that we were acquired by a public entity.

The name and ticker change are taking more money, and time (legal), than we had anticipated. We hope to get this case closed as soon as we can so we can move forward with things.

(Please do NOT make assumptions about this ticker but simply do your own due diligence and use the information that’s available)


Six Figures in the MAM

In our last updatewe wrote about our first 100 days in the MAM. Now we can say that we crossed the six-figure mark which was the next important milestone for us. You can find more details in our March MAM Update.

Make sure to read our full MAM Update here.


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