September Company Update

Shell, Mobile App & Data Partnership

Read our company update below and find out what we were up to in September!

Shell – Financials at 80% Completion

We are now closer to the completion of our financials for the OTC ticker than ever before.

The financials under review for the shell are 80% complete. These are required by the OTC to be audited and reviewed by our legal representatives before we can submit for a formal review. Once again, we have 2 out of the 3 opinion letters finished. The finance team from the previous shell has been in charge of the audit. The ticker name will remain to be unannounced until the OTC review is approved.

Mobile Application Development

As we prepare for the OTC approval and banking platform launch, we began developing our mobile-specific application evolving around the MAM. If you have suggestions on helpful tools and items you would like to have in our app or offered in our app, please let us know directly in the community chat


Data Partnership

In addition to developing a mobile-specific application we have created a soft partnership with FXBlue to provide the API needed for us to display information natively on our platform, circumventing MT4.

Updated Litepaper

We have updated our Litepaper with more relevant information about our business and roadmaps.

To view the deck click here


We are building PlutusX with you, the members, in mind. We embrace and encourage feedback or suggestions. Please email us here or find us in our community chat.


(Please do NOT make assumptions about our unannounced ticker but simply do your own due diligence and use the information that’s available)



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