December Company Update

Submission Processing, MAM Increased Volume, New Product, 2020 Plans

We closed 2019 with many things in the making, and we can’t wait to share those with you in the next couple of weeks. Find out more in our December company update!


If you have read our November update, then you know that we finally submitted to the OTC last month. However, we are at the mercy of the OTC market’s processing time. We submitted documents to address a control dispute endorsed by our attorney, and we are currently waiting for the SoS to get current for the shell. Until this first tranche of comments is satisfied, we are at a standstill, preventing us from moving forward.


The increase of MAM volume has positioned us to enter the new year with major gains. We shifted the risk management to reflect a 1:2 risk-reward ratio, minimum. This will ensure a profitable outcome even with a less than 50% win-to-loss ratio.

We are currently working on a new way to present you with daily and monthly MAM updates, stay tuned for further updates on this in our Telegram MAM Channel.

Our First Educational Product

If we want to change the way people invest and bank, we also need to change how people look at their finances. 

There is a big disconnect between banks and financial literacy. Financial literacy is an essential life skill; yet, schools don’t teach it. Most parents don’t know much about it either. Understanding money at any age will help people better manage their money in the future, create better relationships and serve the world better. Current traditional banks are not taking it upon themselves because true financial literacy makes them less money. This alone is a red flag to how we approach the topic because it’s all backwards.

Mortgages, credit cards, life insurance, mutual fund fees, hidden advice fees; these are all ways that the financial industry uses its products to exploit our ignorance instead of promoting responsible lending and good saving habits.

Over the last few months, we have gathered a small group of people to test out a framework designed by people who live and breathe financial literacy. We have now taken that data and created a course that will help individuals move closer to financial freedom by giving them the tools and education they need.

The course will be launched at a very accessible rate so people can take charge of their finances without breaking the bank. The course covers financial literacy basics, spending analysis, assists in forming positive spending habits, teaches effective methods for reducing debt and utilizing credit (and credit cards) to monetize and maximize your “Rich Life”. 

We are currently building out the online infrastructure to launch this program.

Launching our Public Roadmap

We are excited to announce our “public roadmap” as a freely accessible page where our users can find what we’ve launched recently, what we are currently working on, and some ideas of what we will be doing next.

If you want to be up-to-date at any time with our future plans, feel free to check out our public roadmap on the following link here.

The roadmap is also accessible through our Knowledge Base which you access by clicking on “Learn” inside of our navigation menu.

Click here to view the roadmap now.


We are building PlutusX with you, the members, in mind. We embrace and encourage feedback or suggestions. Please email us here or find us in our community chat.


(Please do NOT make assumptions about our unannounced ticker but simply do your due diligence and use the information that’s available)



To stay up-to-date with our progress, and to send us feedback or suggestions, join our community chat here.

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