March Company Update

We Are Finally Launching Our Trading Bot

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the market continued to be quite volatile during the month of March. To find out how we got through it, and what’s new, read our update below!

Trading Bot Pre-launch

We are excited to announce the pre-launch of our trading bot. This pre-launch will be limited to 10 people only at the start (4 spots already taken).

As many of you know, algorithmic trading has been a plan of PlutusX since our inception. After testing out many variations, tweaking and dealing with developers over the last year, we put together a final solution that is ready to be offered to our clients.

Our team wanted to ensure we are giving customers something that was tested and we can hand on heart say that this is the best trading strategy that we can deliver at the moment.

We are launching our bot that utilizes systematic trading and quantitative models derived from mathematical and statistical analyses.

Trading global currency markets we are dedicated to producing exceptional returns for our investors by now strictly adhering to mathematical and statistical models.

Benefits of a Trading Bot

There are many benefits to bot trading such as no emotions, automation, consistency and a lot more which you can read about here.

In 2019, our partners deployed the first version of the bot. You can find the monthly return table below. The bot survived three black swan events in March 2020, and the overall performance is still very profitable.

You can also find two-year backtest results here. We have also included a basic video on how to read a backtest report.


Please keep in mind that this is not an indication of future performance. The results shown above are based on past performance and don’t guarantee future performance.

The team has now taken the best strategies and learnings out of the 1.0 version and built the next version of the bot.

The bot trades 3-5 strategies at the same time and a basket of currency pairs within each strategy. For example, you could see a long and short position on USDJPY at the same time, because there are different strategies on different timeframes the bot is executing. That way we are diversified both horizontal and vertical.

Even though we say it’s one bot, there are actually multiple bots running at the same time. For example, there is an individual bot that just manages risk.

If you would like to take part in our pre-launch, click here and fill out the form on the bottom of the page.

We are limiting the pre-launch to 10 people only at this time. First come, first serve!

You can join by clicking here.

Forex MAM (Multi-Account Manager)

March Overview

Our MAM performance suffered in March just like with many other assets due to COVID-19. Dow Jones had the worst 1st quarter in the last 124 years closing it at almost -24%.

At the beginning of March, we have witnessed a flash crash. People are calling this event a “black swan event”. 

This is by far one of the biggest events we’ve seen in FX. But the emotions are similar to 2008. As business owners, investors and traders, this is not a time to get emotional about the market. We can either be fearful or follow the plan.

Unfortunately, many trading funds had to close their doors and liquidate all positions due to the big losses.

We are grateful to have reacted in such a fast and professional manner to prevent further losses. If we would not have acted the way we did, or didn’t abide by our risk, we would be sitting at a loss of over 50%.

Fortunately, we mitigated our risk and closed whatever we could before things worsened.

Portfolio Stats

Total March return: -34.3%


Past results do not guarantee future results. Because we are running a MAM, performance can differ from one sub-account to another. This can be due to differing start dates, available liquidity, slippage and account sizes. Performance figures are gross and so before any PlutusX or other fees have been charged. 

Closed Trades


Winning Trades


Losing Trades


Trade Recaps

For trade recap videos join us on Telegram here.


We are building PlutusX with you, the members, in mind. We embrace and encourage feedback or suggestions. Please email us here or find us in our community chat.

(Please do NOT make assumptions about our unannounced OTC ticker but simply do your due diligence and use the information that’s available)


To stay up-to-date with our progress, and to send us feedback or suggestions, join our community chat here.

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