How This SIMPLE Trick Can Help You Make Investing Decisions

Everyone is continually searching for the edge for investing. Some are even willing to jeopardize their freedom by trading illicitly, just to get that slight over-hand. We have a solution that won’t endanger you or encroach the line of morality and legality. Here is our opinion on the simplest trick that you can implement NOW and that can help you make better-investing decisions.


Many significant figures, like Tony Robbins, have endlessly preached the overlooked significance of micro-investing. These apps can effortlessly allow individuals to allocate portions of their transactions towards a saving plan and, more importantly, an investment plan. The advantage here is automation and frequency. Here is how it works.

Example: if you are at a coffee shop and purchase a latte for $4.27 the app will round up that purchase to $5.00. That $0.73 is allocated towards an automated investment fund. It’s literally that simple, and it’s money that you don’t really sweat.

The single transaction is trivial and irrelevant, but over time depending on the frequency of your transaction the net-deposit value can rapidly hit the thousands within a year. Consider the compound effect as well.

Now, micro-investing is all about building and nourishing good financial habits. When we are seeking a goal, it always starts at the behavioral psychological level. Psychologist Robert Cialdini suggests that initiating small wins (easy habits) towards building that new identity then it makes appending to the habit that much easier. These small wins, or these micro-transactions towards your investment plan, can allow you to change your financial behavior. In return, you may be more conscientious about your spending patterns and consider adding supplementary funds towards your investment plan.  

Automatic Transfers

Automatic transfers are another great way to start saving up some money to invest. Most banks nowadays have a feature to schedule auto-transfers between your accounts.

It is recommended to automatically put aside 10% of your income into a separate account that you can use for your investments.

Automation is one simple trick that can create a cascading positive effect on your financial wellbeing in the way it is not cumbersome or without thinking too much about it.

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*Please note all investing involves risk, including the possible loss of money you invest, and past performance does not guarantee future performance. Historical returns, expected returns, and probability projections are provided for informational and illustrative purposes, and may not reflect actual future performance.

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