We Compared Our Competitor, Results Are Shocking

If you have been following our MAM updates for a while, you know that we are consistent with monthly profits and that our risk management strategy is focused on mitigating major losses. We decided to investigate one of our competitors to see how we compare to their performance, risk, and strategies.

For the integrity of the businesses we will not use names, however, we would like to acknowledge two distinct clients who assisted us in our competitive research. A. Corum & A. Walters, we appreciate you placing money on the line in order to receive this data. This article is not meant to be biased or talk down on our competition. The purpose of this article is simply to compare empirical data collected by our members from our services versus our competition.

At the end of the trial, our clients received a lengthy email (from our competitor) explaining the cataclysmic outcome that occurred. The verdict is that they essentially fired the trader and subbed back the old one. Needless to say, the overall experience was not appreciated by our members. They withdrew the remaining amounts of funds and placed the parts back into our MAM, at PlutusX.



Our performance metrics are measured thoroughly, not just through basic profit and loss. The figure below is displaying returns Week over Week (“WoW”) and our equity WoW. The figure has a typo and the “balance” should say “returns”– my apologies.


Diversification is something that we place a lot of emphasis on when writing articles and even more so when building a portfolio for our clients. The importance of diversification can be found here. It helps us safeguard against market risk, specifically when trading currencies and major fundamental news comes out. Here was our portfolio composition versus theirs.



With risk, we place a 0.02 – 0.03 LOT amount per $1,000 in the fund. This ensures that we are not over leveraging the trades when executed. In addition to a designated lot size we also strategically place stop loses to “cut our losses short” and let the winners ride.

The best way to measure our risk quantitatively is to look at our RoR or Risk of Ruin. The Risk of Ruin (RoR) is a statistical model which tells you the chances you will lose all of your account based upon your win/loss % and how much % of your capital you put at risk per trade.


Customer Service

We understand that members can become uneasy when our portfolio goes into a drawdown. We are also aware that the onboarding process can be confusing and may require assistance. Our team is focused on offering direct help 24/7 with a personal message or within our community chat found here. Additionally, we have a separate MAM channel which explains our current positions so that members are not left in the dark. Check out our MAM Channel here.

Our competitors, however, have a different method for their clients.

Read what our member said about their customer service, “Customer service was not that professional and even a little arrogant from day one with any questions I asked, not just the emails from the last couple horrible trading days.”

“PlutusX is far better on all fronts. I wish I could have allowed the experiment to proceed, but based on the strategies the competitor had in place it was crystal clear they could not hold a candle to PlutusX, and continuing the experiment would have likely been even more costly and in vain. Thank the PlutusX team for me for all their hard work.”



We are not financial advisors and none of this information should be misconstrued as financial advice. We strongly suggest that you consult your personal financial advisors. We suggest that you continue the research before coming to a decision even if this article is considered a portion of your research.

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