April MAM Update

In April, we were hit with a drawdown on Crude Oil but the team was able to manage the portfolio accordingly and still deliver great results.

Several major politicos made announcements, particularly Trump who sanctioned band against Iranian Oil, which resulted in oil prices skyrocketing. Regardless of the news release, the price action was still our bounds of TA and after fundamentals, price action always retraces back to the TA which is what our analysis and trades are always based on. These are exemplary situations that demand the capacity of patience. We see that after a month of negative on Crude Oil, profits are still made because our team was able to remain patient and look at the market objectively.

March Month Return Table

Profit factor 4.93
Monthly return: +44.3%
Weekly return: +9.2%

Past results do not guarantee future results.

April Month Return Table

Profit factor 3.83
Monthly return: +27.3%
Weekly return: +5.9%

Past results do not guarantee future results.

In April we slightly underperformed on our average but because we had an above average month before April, we are still on 32% average as a whole. See the table above for a comparison. Interested to learn how? Join our MAM Channel where we post all of our positions.


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