Canada: a Country of Real Wealth

I spent most of July in Minaki, Ontario, on the water. That part of our country is beautiful! The air is clean and the sounds of nature are everywhere. I have been going to Minaki for over 35 years. I was married lakeside at a friend’s fishing lodge. My grandchildren, the oldest of whom is 7, have been going there since they were born, and they all like to fish there with their Zaida – lucky me.

In the late 1990’s, after a trip to Israel, I was sitting in a boat, surrounded by fresh water, the shore covered with trees, I marveled at the great life we have here in Canada. Our country is awesome and full of wealth. It is a great place to live. It occurred to me, though, that not everyone may agree. They may not believe Canada is so wealthy.

In the fall of 2015, I was speaking with an individual who is now a minister in the federal government. I shared my opinion about how good Canada is and asked him how he thought we might help others. His response was, his party has a great plan to redistribute the wealth. I was disappointed.

If I am correct that we have such a wealthy country, why can’t we have wealthy people and no poverty?
I have some thoughts on how we might eradicate most if not all poverty, which I will share in future articles. I look forward to many discussions on the topic.