Too nice to keep to myself

A couple of days ago I got this letter in the mail.  It made me smile. I hope you are smiling now, too.  Have a … Read More

CRA Scam (article previously published)

We have been informed from our clients they are currently receiving calls of this nature.  We apologize if you have received this twice. You are … Read More


I was talking to Lucie the other day. Lucie is our wonderful Director of First Impressions and she takes care of us. I said “I … Read More

Key Performance Indicators

We told you in February that Lazer Grant is open for business.  To monitor how we’re doing, we track Key Performance Indicators – KPIs.  You … Read More

Budget Recap

The Liberal government’s first budget, Growing the Middle Class, was delivered Tuesday by the Honourable Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance. From a tax perspective, the … Read More

Keeping You on Your Tax Toes

It’s March which means T4s (statements of remuneration paid) and T5s (statements on interest and dividends paid) have all been filed with the government.  If … Read More

Personal Retreats Revisited

I was recently asked by some friends to outline my personal retreat.  I have completed my 16th annual retreat and here is what I wrote … Read More

A Few Proverbs

My father once told me, “Smart people learn from their experiences.  Really smart people learn from the experiences of others.”  It’s true.  It’s also too … Read More

Open for Business

A short while ago our partner group went on a retreat.  We rented a big house and spent a few days together planning Lazer Grant’s … Read More