We provide many business consulting programs including:

Business Plans
Client Advisory Boards
Internal System Analysis
Business Assessment
Business Overview
System Documentation
Financial Plan
Key Performance Indicators
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Lazer Grant Consulting has The 9-Stage Process and Lazer Results – unique tools for working with business owners and their teams to grow, improve, and enjoy their business and lifestyle.

We work together to build trusting relationships with our clients and provide service that is special indeed. Lazer Grant partners as well as team members work alongside the client, in their business, to develop all areas of the business, ensuring systems and team members are on track.

Professionals at Lazer Grant conduct Client Advisory Boards to understand the needs, frustrations, and expectations of the clients’ customers. This helps to identify opportunities and provides for building the relationship of the client’s customers to the business.

We help clients prepare Business Plans to establish necessary guidelines and strategies, to set goals and monitor activities, and satisfy financial institutions.