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One of Doctor Fred Lindenschmidt’s patients liked the care he got so much he’s never left.

A year ago Lindenschmidt, who with partner Doctor Jack Reeb owns and runs the Selkirk Animal Hospital, had a cat brought in by a stranger. The black stray, since named B.C., had his full health return under the care and affection of staff. In fact, B.C. was even cured of diabetes. Cats, unlike dogs or humans, can sometimes be cured of diabetes with proper diet and treatment. The content cat has now happily taken up permanent residence at the clinic. “I guess he’s our mascot now”, said Lindenschmidt as he scratched B.C. behind the ears. It’s clear that a love of animals is what prompted Lindenschmidt and Reeb to found the Selkirk Animal Hopital 21 years ago. “It’s about being able to help animals and seeing the pleasure owners get from their pets, and trying to keep that relationship with thir pets going on as long as possible”, said Lindenschmidt.

Lindenschmidt takes care of most of the small, domestic animals while Reeb handles mostly cattle under their sister company, Central Canadian Genetics. Lindenschmidt said the early days of the clinic had many challenges but the toughest for them was learning how to compete. To run a successful animal clinic requires not just good medicine, but also good business sense.

People own fewer pets than they used to, and animal clinics have popped up around them, but the Selkirk Animal Hospital has continued to thrive. Lindenschmidt credits the clinic’s approach, an approach developed with Allan Grant.

Lindenschmidt said Lazer Grant helped them focus on giving people the level of care they expect for beloved pets rather than pay attention to what other clinics are charging. “With the help of Allan we’ve come to realize competing on price wasn’t helping us personally or professionally,” said Lindenschmidt.

“I would call it a low-key approach, which is something I appreciate. I like to be reminded about things but not told,” he said.

We’ve found everyone we deal with at Lazer Grant has been really good with us and done their job quite well.Doctor Fred Lindenschmidt

Lindenschmidt said the keys to his clinic’s success are their knowledge, capabilities, and convenient hours they set. “It’s become about being the best service and it’s something we’re still working on,” he said. “I’m not sure if it’s possible to be perfect, but it’s something we can always strive for.”

Lindenschmidt said balancing the needs of customers, and needs of employees, with their company goals is an ever-changing process. Lazer Grant is helping them through that process. They are in the early stages of a business development plan with Allan, and the scope of the program is going far beyond what many might expect.

According to Linenschmidt they’re looking to improve not just their bottom line, but also their entire work experience. “The bottom line – is it personal enjoyment or is it money? It’s got me thinking,” he said. “We’re still working through with Allan what goals we want to have and how do we get there.”

Lazer Grant is also working with the Selkirk Animal Hospital to pinpoint what clients apprecaite most about the clinic and exactly what they want from their regular veterinarian.

Lindenschmidt said with Lazer Grant as part of their team he’s confident the Selkirk Animal Hospital will meet the personal and professional goals it sets. And B.C. will have a home for a very long time.