Wealth Management

We want to help individuals create passive income towards their financial freedom.


Let pros handle your investments

Build a portfolio in minutes

Fully automated

Traditional banking systems use your money to make millions while you're getting a low 1-3% return anually. We'd like to change that by offering everyone the same opportunity. A fund like ours has been used by the ultra-wealthy for decased but only a very few have opened up the gates like we are today.

Currently, we are trading in the Foreign Exchange Market, Cryptocurrencies and some commodities such as Gold and Oil.

Wealth Management Features

Investment Account

Open your very own investment account that will allow you to participate in our open fund. Profits can be withdrawn at any time. All profits are re-invested daily. If you do not want to keep the capital in our wallet, you still have the opportunity to move it to any other wallet of your choice.

AI & Machine Learning

We want to implement machine learning technology that learns and analyzes your transactions, your accounts, investments and other activities on our platform to make well-calculated decisions. The PlutusX AI bots will make sure your money works for you by helping you trade, by controlling your investment accounts, and much more.

Savings Bot

We want to encourage saving money through our automated savings bot. Hitting your budget will give you access to rewards like free airfare, hotels and more. We want to reward people for staying on top of their budgets and creating social accountability through groups.

Portfolio Allocation

Keep an eye on your strategically allocated portfolio put together by our strategist and managed by the PlutusX team.

P/L Reports

Receive weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports of your investments that you can use to track progress.

MAM Structure

Our fund is using a MAM (multi-account manager) technology to properly distribute all of our trades and keep your capital secure.

Full Control

Within our MAM provider, you are able to view all of the closed and open trades. Full transparency.

Web & Mobile App

Once logged in to our platform, you can download our mobile app to view all the trades happening in your account.


Join our Telegram Channel

Find out what trades we are taking, receive weekly portfolio updates and much more!

We put togehter a Telegram Channel that is open to the public so anyone can review our trades and find out how the MAM is performing.

Here are some of the things you will find inside:

  • Our Trades

    Inside you will find trade updates, recaps and forecasts for our MAM.

  • Weekly Portfolio Updates

    Every week we send out a portfolio update so you know how the fund is performing.

  • Market News

    Once a week we share important news events that can impact our positions.

Interested to know more? Click the link below and you will be taken to our PlutusX MAM Channel.

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we believe

You should have the same opportunities to invest as the ultra-wealthy.

We’ll be frank - we’re not for everyone. But for those of you who want more than a basic index, and take action, we are here.

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Deposit Options

You can deposit or withdraw funds from your account easily and in multiple ways.
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Open Your Account

Take advantage of our ecosystem today and stay in control of your money.

Open Your Account

Take advantage of our ecosystem today and stay in control of your money.